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Getting to Know Felix
Pleased to meet you! I'm Ficus, but my friends call me Felix. They would also describe me as a pretty quiet, sophisticated guy, since I can usually be found basking in the sunshine, reading a classic novel. As long as you don't mind me playing my favourite jazz music, I think we'll be great roommates.

Caring For Felix

💡 Light
Lots of bright light, please, but indirect is preferred.

I like to stay more hydrated during the hot summer months and less throughout the winter. To avoid overwatering, mist my leaves or wipe them down with a warm, damp cloth in between waterings.

🐱 Pets
No pets for me, please! The sap in my leaves is toxic to them if ingested.

🙏 Care Tip
Ficus plants do most of their growing over the warm summer months so it's important that they stay moist and hydrated. The leaves are usually a good indicator: they'll droop if it's being underwatered and turn yellow/brown if it's getting too much!

🇨🇦 Proudly born and raised in Canada.