Why you’ll grow to love us

Plants have been proven to improve your mood, creativity, and productivity. By introducing more plants into your home, you not only get therapeutic benefits from these leafy friends but also receive the benefits of reduced stress and cleaner air. Houseplants absorb toxins, increase humidity, and produce oxygen!

Female-founded, and started in the prairies of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ivie is the sister brand to the much-loved Callia Flowers, as seen on Dragons' Den.

30 Day Happiness Guarantee

We know that caring for houseplants doesn’t come naturally to some, but we are here to help you grow that skill! Ivie is judgement-free and we want everyone to benefit from live plants: that’s why we do the dirty work for you. Every plant comes with a pot, simple care instructions, and in spill-free packaging.
If we've messed up, we have a 30 Day Happiness Guarantee behind every Ivie delivery: just let us know.

We are proud that we get concerns so rarely, that we can and will always make it right!