Care Tips for Callie

Care Tips for Callie

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Getting to Know Callie
Hi, I'm Callie, and I'm so excited that we get to be friends! I'm pretty low-maintenance (and humble), and I LOVE warm, humid weather. Should we take a tropical vacay together? I'll go grab my shades!

Caring For Callie

💡 Light
The brighter, the better, but I'll also adapt to low light. Either way, indirect light is best!

Not too much, please! Every 1-2 weeks would be great, as long as the soil doesn't completely dry out in between waterings.

🐱 Pets
No need to worry about your furry friends around me – I love animals!

🙏 Care Tip
I love warm weather! My favourite places to hang out are in humid areas like the kitchen or bathroom, but if that's not possible, misting my leaves in between waterings would make me one happy gal!