Care Tips for Olivia

Care Tips for Olivia

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Getting to Know Olivia
Hi, I'm Olivia! I love to spend my days basking in the sunshine. Did someone say "beach day"? I'll grab my shades! My ancestry is Mediterranean, and I'm said to be an "ancient plant", but you couldn't tell by looking at me… right?! I'm pretty low maintenance, and as long as you keep me hydrated and warm, 'olive' you forever! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I'm pretty punny, too!

Caring For Olivia

💡 Light 
Lots of sun, please! Bright, direct sunlight is best.

Water when the top layer of soil has dried out, and more frequently in the spring and fall.

🙏 Care Tip
Lots of sun is great, but no need for extra humidity or misting. Try rotating the pot every so often so that all sides get sunlight, to help with even growth.

🇨🇦 Proudly born and raised in Canada.