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Getting to Know Phoebe
Hi! I'm Phoebe, and I have amazing hair... because I'm (like, totally) a Ponytail Palm. I love sun and the beach: winter vacation down South, yes please!! If you're forgetful about watering, I may be the perfect plant for you: I like very little water, and can go week(s) without. I'm also called the Elephant's Foot Palm, but I'm not really sure why. I don't think I need a pedicure?!

Caring For Phoebe

💡 Light
Lots of sun, please! Bright, indirect sunlight is best.

Water only occasionally (once a week or less in the winter is fine).

🐱 Pets
No need to worry about your furry friends around me -- I love animals!

🙏 Care Tip
If you find that the leaf tips are turning brown, it is caused by overwatering. Snip off brown leaf tips with sharp scissors or pruners, but take care not to cut too much off!