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Getting to Know Sophia
Hi, I'm Sophia! I may be a snake plant but I promise I won't bite! I'm pretty low maintenance (or at least I think so) and my friends say I'm super easy going. I'm quite independent too: just a little bit of TLC will keep me happy. And I don't want to brag, but, I can do this super cool magic trick where I absorb toxins through my leaves and produce oxygen to purify your air...Pick a room, any room!

Caring For Sophia

💡 Light
I prefer medium to bright, indirect light, but low, indirect light works too – I'm not picky!

Not too much! Water when the top layer of soil has dried out.

🐱 Pets
No pets for me, please! My leaves contain chemicals to protect from insects and fungi that can be mildly toxic to them.

🙏 Care Tip
Snake plants are native to West African deserts, so they thrive in drier environments. Water only when the top layer of soil has dried out (about every 2-3 weeks) and be sure to avoid watering directly in the center of the leaves!